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Even More Clee Hill

Tenby Rd from Clee

Trev Teasdel  I think this must be the church / chapel on the far end of Clee Hill where Mr Thomas took a group of us in a minibus in 1965 for a special service in which a Beatle styled local pop ground played songs with religious lyrics! It made it more interesting!  It looks like it's being converted into a dwelling.
The Road to Ludlow

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

War Years

Lionel John Aubrey
" In October 1940 there were short periods of intense bombing on the City of Coventry, followed by the blitz of November 14 ~ 16 ~ OPERATION MOONLIGHT SONATA. Over this 2 day period over 500 tons of high explosives were dropped on the city and the city centre was ablaze, the city’s factories were blasted and burning and when the all clear sounded at 6.15 am of the third day, the shocked, dazed, frightened and tired people of Coventry emerged into what had once been streets, to find 4,330 homes had been destroyed and over 1200 people had been killed. There were further bombing raids with 6/8 hour intense periods on the 8th and 10th April 1941 and the last bombing raid was in August 1942.

Wyre farm was a boy’s school and records show that the first intake of boys from Coventry was in June 1940 increasing in intensity through to 1942. Records show that the boys were mainly from schools in the town and factory areas of the city and by December 1942, 283 boys had been relocated to Wyre Farm. It is assumed that most of the boys had lost their homes, or parents, or both. By the end of May 1945, 584 boys had moved through Wyre Farm.
Through the post war years in to the early 1950s as the city was rebuilt and food rationing was eased the intake of boys continued and by April 1948 over 100 boys had been accommodated at Wyre Farm. By January 1950 this number had increased to over 1200. From 1950 onward the records show that boys were accommodated for shorter periods of time perhaps out of term time to give them a change from city life and chance to enjoy the fresh air and countryside of Cleobury Mortimer. Later the school name was changed to the City of Coventry Boys School.
Living at Wyre Farm Camp School

Wyre Farm, situated on the outskirts of Cleobury Mortimer was a new home to many boys from the blitzed areas of Coventry and surrounding areas.
We were accommodated in dormitories given House names, I can recall my dormitory as Radford House, others were Godiva, Leofric, Earlsdon & Mercia etc. Your represented your ‘house’ in all aspects of life, collecting points from promptness, cleanliness, attendance, sport etc. Each house had a master and 2 prefects.

1st intake of boys at Wyre Farm were evacuees from Coventry blitz.
On arrival at Wyre Farm your health was checked by ‘Matron’, having been considered as suitable or in need, by a Coventry doctor, earlier.
(approx times)
The day usually started with a quick wash and off to the dining hut for breakfast. Prefects checked you into the hut (clean hands!) and in rotation you prepared your ‘house’ table and cleaned upon completion.
After breakfast you made you beds, cleaned and tidy the dormitory.
8.45 Assembly in the school hall, prayers, notices etc. On completion dispersed to classes. There was an opportunity here to visit Matron should you be unwell. Lessons were for set periods and you changed classrooms or teachers as required.
11.45 Lesson completed, return to dormitories to was hands etc.
12.0 Lunch, prefects supervised, on completion ~ free time.
13.0 Return by classes to classrooms
3.30 Return to dormitories, free time. There were various activities ava8ilable all supervised by prefects/Masters (Scout Group, Drama Group, Gardening, Sports)
5.0 Tea, on completion resume free time
6.30 Return to dormitories, showers bet ready for bed (supervised by prefects/Masters)
8.0 Lights out
7.30 Breakfast. On completion carry out set tasks under supervision f prefects. E.g. clean ablutions, dining hall, classrooms. Skirmish surrounds of buildings, paint areas etc.
10.0 Various activities.
Sports team prepare. Football and cricket mainly. School team was in a league with other schools from Kidderminster, Bewdley, Stourport.
Scouts normally went camping for the weekend.
Drama group was very active.
Tuck shop opened for one hour.
9.0 After breakfast assemble in school hall for church service. If weather permitted we marched to Cleobury Mortimer Church, (approx 3 miles) prefects supervising.
After church we made our own way back to school in time for lunch. Sunday afternoon at leisure, weather permitting most of us would go for walks.
One Sunday of each month, parents/friends would visit from Coventry. Coaches (2) would come for the day, arriving about 10.30 and departing about 4pm. Lots of the boys had no parents, perhaps some of their family might come. Those of us with a parent always had one or two in our company for the day. There was always plenty of sweets and comics to share around. On occasions we would all walk in Cleobury and have a lunch, this was a real highlight. When visitors left the rest of the day was free.
I remember that all activity groups were very well supported and the masters were very dedicated
At my time the Headmaster was MR MARTIN, Deputy Head MR MORRIS. Radford House and Maths Master was MR JONES. MR LOWE scoutmaster, MR WATTS drama & MR LAMBURY Sports.
The former City of Coventry Boarding School began life as Wyre Farm Camp School just before the start of the Second World War when a government quango, the National Camps Corporation, was set up to investigate the poor health of city children.

This is a music video about the Coventry blitz - music by Trev Teasdel and the Collective Unconscious 1986

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Photos from Friends Reunited etc.

Mike Donoghue says of this photo -
Cleobury Mortimer circa 1974

From L to R: Lyndon Harris, John McKay, Darren Mulcahy, Paul Fisher, (sorry name escapes me?), Michael Breslin and me! All aged about 12. I seem to recall that this was taken shortly after the Tuck Shop refurb and that Pete Germain took the photo?

School play 1982 John Steane
The Class of '82 school play "The Man In The Bowler Hat" By AA Milne. From The left Rob Grant, Warren Stevens, Dean Kelly, Neil Cummings, Adrian Mulhall, Dave Kent, Alexander Whyte, Jon Steane. It seems really sad that I can still recite the opening lines, I wonder if Ady Mulhall can still do the bit about the "Rajas Ruby - Rubhas Rajy - Rajah's Ruby"?

Photo from Mike O'Donoghue

School Play 1977
John Chapman's play Simple Spymen. From top Left (standing): Alex Mahilovich, Steven Curran?, Gary Marks, Paul Fisher, Michael Breslin, Me!, sorry name escapes me, John McKay. From bottom Left: Darren Mulcahy, Nick Watson?, Michael Garlick, Ben Frank? 

Scout trip 1977 Brian Sabin

School Cricket team 1980 under 12's

1980 Under 12s Cricket Team
Top left to right: R.Brown,Kuldeep?, R.Buckley, A.Wood, R.Hawk, A. Watson Lower left to right: H.Watts, O.Griffiths, N.Brown, K. Campbell and ?Piccolo
Uploaded by Oliver Griffiths

Wyre Farm Camping Trip the photo shows Colin Booth as leader and Darrell Booth second from right, 
Uploaded by Darrell Booth

1964 science lab - Malc Carroll, Burns, Fazulo etc

Scrum 1964

Richard Ward 1964

John Hesketh 1964

Rugby team c 1966

Photo from Brian Sabin - 1977 first trip out in minibus....window screen shatters......

School Play 1978
John Chapman's play Dry Rot. From top Left (standing): Tony Powell?, Paul Fisher, Rob Paton?, John McKay, Tim Vince, Michael Breslin. From bottom left: Me!, Gary Marks and Darren Mulcahy.
by Mike O'Donoghue

by Mike O'Donoghue c 1977?

George Houguez says - Sports Day. My Mum (on the right) wrote June 1981 on the back of this photo. I left in 1979! Perhaps they kept going back and hadn't noticed I wasn't there.
Uploaded by George Houguez

Uploaded by Michael Richardson
In this photo:McKenzie Brian Cook Dave Tulley Dean Williams Michael Richardson Paul Sutton Andy Stevens Paul Sutton George Hand Tim Naylor

Uploaded by Warren Stevens

In this photo: David Wilson, Cardwell, David Harris, Warren Stevens, ? Wheldon, Mr Burcher, Dave Meacham, John Cyfko, Eddie Nelson, Riggs
Inter-house Rugby -Dudley vs Mortimer 1980 - Dudley trounce Mortimer.  Warren Stevens in the middle of the shot as a third year playing for the seniors (4th and 5th years). Mr Burcher is the ref!

Dexter Lacey - its Dave Meacham Eddie Nelson Ronnie Ferguson

Uploaded by Warren Stevens

Photo uploaded by John Brown

In this photo: Adrian Mulhall, Peter Niceley, John Brown (photos), Dean Watson, Gavin Mulhall, Warren Niceley, Tovey, Aubrey Wood?, Harris, Harrison, Richard Hull, Rob Grant, George Bell, Patric Jones, Rob Wood, Alan Brown, Adrian Steane
X country Winners Blount House 1981

Warren Stevens  Mortimer got amalgamated into Dudley - and Mortimer wuz no more! As Dean Kelly and myself were the last fifth year to get on the that last minicoach back to Cov - I'd say Dudley outlasted Blount as well... Dudley ruled!
This was taken in 1981 as Peter Nicely, David Harris, Rob Wood, Richard "Buzby" Hull etc.. left that year, they were a year older and my year left in 1982.

Franz Muller and Alf Judge May 11th 1953

The School Webb-Site!

Steve Webb  (The Bursar's son) This photograph was taken in August 1957. That's Rosemary in the middle, me on her left, and one of our older brothers, Chris, on her right.

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More Places Around Cleobury

Some more photos from Facebook mostly from Michael Billings. This time of places around the Cleobury area - mostly from 1995

Where the trackbed to Cleobury crosses Neen Savage Road
Photo  - Michael Billings
Trackbed from Neen Savage crossing towards Cleobury Town
Photo Michael Billings 1995
Clee Hill from Six Ashes - photo Michael Billings

Elan Valley Reservoir

Michael Billings Photo of the 2 bridges spanning the Cleobury to Bewdley road at Cleobury Mortimer Station. The nearest bridge carried the Ditton Priors branch to Cleobury Town , Burwarton & Ditton Priors. Both have now been demolished.

Rosemary Webb Rehill I remember the day that bridge was blown up! VERY exciting stuff!!

The old crossing gates just down from Six Ashes.
Photo Michael Billings 1995
Castle Toots from Cherry Orchard
Photo Michael Billings 1995

Cleobury Town Station a private house in 1995
Photo Michel Billings

Skellern Farm - Photo by Keith Ison

Paul Nicholas Williamson the times I drew that farm building for my art work, I was rubbish at it, John Breeze the art master someone who had a temper and smoked a lot

Clee Hill Quarry 1995 - photo Michael Billings

Clee Hill Quarry 1995 - photo Michael Billings

Clee Hill Quarry 1995 - photo Michael Billings

Neen Savage Church - by Keith Ison

Photo by Keith Ison It's the building just past the wells in Cleobury Mortimer. I think the local children went there when it was used as a nursery.