School (Group) Photos

 Steve HarkinPaul BrooksR.A JonesDavid DunnSteve Barber,Ian WillaceyKeith IsonRoddy SmithSteve WorralRob SinclairBill Mc menamin,Steve GollopDavid HughesFrank KaminskiLaurance BakerKeith PoutneyTrev JonesRay EvittsDavid FosterPeter BentleyFrank BiascoRoy McManus,James BosewellKevin CarolanStewart WeirBrian TierneyDavid FagAdrian PhillipsAndrew Mullhall
Think this was taken in 1965

Rosemary Webb Rehill I can see my dad (the Bursar) lurking in his office behind the photo!! lol

David Partridge What year was this. To the right of the Bursah's office you can just see the door into what was in Nov '63 the Tuck Shop. It was in here I heard the radio announcement of President Kennedy's death.

Sarah Williams At that precise time Rose and I were in the attic of the Webb's house, about 50 yards away, playing with our dolls. (Yes, I know but we knew nothing then of feminism.)

Uploaded by Gareth Griffiths
In this photo:Lauri Lindsay Peter Anderson Peter Greenrod Glyn Thomas Phillip Walker Peter Key Nazir Takolia Simom Weclawek Terence Hudson Alan Ross Alan Bolstridge Richard Boice Chris Fawden Stephen Messenger Stephen Taylor John Burke Tony Kemp John Ricketts Michael Ricketts

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In this photo: Mr Chopping Mr Harper Callum MacKenzie Steve Harkin, Matron

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In this photo: Robert Sutton Paul Blundell Keith Ison Peter Melhuish John Holliday Stephen Tutt Roi King Peter WhiteColin Davies John Vincent Paul Southerton Simon Armstrong David Irish Victor Preedy Philip Preedy David Haycock Mark Hale Colin Stevenson 

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In this photo: Alan .d. Thorne Dane Mooney David Stuart Mr Williams Mr T.Walker Martin Burke Kirjinder Singh Jaspal Spud Taylor  David Stuart Antony kempster Steve Harkin Rick Harkin Roderick Smith Steve Barber Peter Greenrod Bursar Bruce Naylor Clive Kingsley-Smith David Allen R.Sinclair 

Following from Mick Cosnett c1977 (?)
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In this photo:Brian Sabin Rohit Naik Richard  BruceSurinder Patelnigel Jonson Blundel Russell Hemmings Stephen Hill Andy Mayer Lindon Harris Mark Harding (c 1977?)

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In this photo:Hull Richard Stephen Pacey Gallagher Michael Marshall Alek Mihajlovicalex Michalovic Lindon Harris Rowland Simon Hull Polly Matron Jaz Manak Gaz Setchell Shakespear (c 1977?)

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In this photo:Thorne Parker Blundell Burcher John Kenny Robin Hunter Gary Marks Mike O'Donoghue Philip Horne Mcarthy Ned Gladwell Mick Chopping Alan Thorne c 1977?

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In this photo: John Weir Mahendra Patel John Desouza Kevin Gillespie Vince Desouzamervin d`souza c 1977?

Group Photo October 1980 uploaded to facebook by Adrian Rosenlund Hudson

Adrian Rosenlund Hudson  with Mark Beetson and Mark Romanov

 Adrian Rosenlund Hudson  with Mark Beetson, Ravinder Bains, Aubrey Wood, Paul Nash, Mr Hansard, Mark Romanow, Mr McCarthy, Mr Cummings, Dave Kent, Alex Whyte, Mr Chopping, Adrian Mulhall, Jimmy Nelson, Mr Alan Thorne, Rob Wood, Peter Nicely, Mr Plaice, Mohammed Razza, Justin Romanow, Warren Stevens, Mr Murphy, Patrick Arnorld Jones, Gawaine Robinson-Stevens, Mr Burcher, Dexter Brown and Gordon Thomas.

Jon Andrew Steane, David Allan Finch, Dave Egan and John Brown.