Timeline 1939 - 1982

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Timeline of The City of Coventry Boarding School

1939 September - World War Two declared.
The school began life as Wyre Farm Camp School just before the start of the Second World War when a government quango, the National Camps Corporation (NCC), was set up to investigate the poor health of city children.
1940 14th November - Coventry Blitz - Boys could see their city being bombed from the school - it lit up the sky for miles around along with the noise.
The first intake of boys from Coventry was in June 1940, increasing in intensity through to 1942.
1942 Records show that the boys were mainly from schools in the town and factory areas of the city and by December 1942, 283 boys had been relocated to Wyre Farm. It is assumed that most of the boys had lost their homes, or parents, or both.
1945 World War Two Ended  (on the war years)  http://wyrefarmed.blogspot.com/2011/08/war-years.html
By the end of May 1945, 584 boys had moved through Wyre Farm.
1946 We were accommodated in dormitories given House names with Coventry names - Radford, Godiva, Leofric, Earlsdon & Mercia etc. Your represented your ‘house’ in all aspects of life, collecting points from promptness, cleanliness, attendance, sport etc.
Each house had a master and 2 prefects. MR MARTIN, Deputy Head MR MORRIS. Radford House and Maths Master was MR JONES. MR LOWE scoutmaster, MR WATTS drama & MR LAMBURY Sports.
1948 Through post war years to early 1950s as the city was rebuilt and food rationing eased the intake of boys continued and by April 1948 over 100 boys had been accommodated at Wyre Farm.
1950 By January 1950 over 1200 boys had been through Wyre Farm. From 1950 onward records show boys were accommodated for shorter periods, perhaps out of term time to give them a change from city life and chance to enjoy the fresh air and countryside of Cleobury Mortimer.
1953 Mr RT Morris (previously deputy head) was appointed Headmaster with Mr John Lowe as deputy.
1956 Elvis Presley hits the uk charts with Heartbreak Hotel. Beginnings of youth culture.
1957 Wyre Farm Camp school, through the work of RT Morris, is bought by Coventry LEA and became a secondary modern comprehensive boarding school - now known as the City of Coventry School or the City of Coventry Boarding School.

Mr John Lowe leaves at the end of 1957 to become Headmaster of Willenhall Wood Junior school in Coventry.
Mr Lambley replaces him as deputy head.

1958 First issue of The Boarder (School magazine) Published.
1959 The Coventry Coat of Arms (as also depicted on the school sign) Changed in 1959 to reflect post war rise of the new city from the ashes of the old. (See photos of the sign on the top post)
1960 Mr Cox introduced Rugby Football as a main sport to the school.
Headmaster RT Morris died on 29th November.
Deputy head Mr Lambley officiated until RV Rowland was appointed the new Headmaster.
Parents Association established.
Production of The Great Bell of Burley
Music Hall Production (Dec)
1961 Last issue of the Boarder published.
RV Rowland was appointed the new Headmaster with a new vision for the school.
Mr Challanger (Vicar of Neen savage Church) leaves to became Vicar of little Hereford Parish Church. He was replaced with Reverend Haywood-Waddington.
The following staff left Nurse Enid Clack 9replaced by Nurse Judith Chopping; Anthony Elkins-Green Drama and sports; John Cox - Geography and Rugby; Colin Partridge (English and Literature club) left to take up a post at the University of Victoria.
School's twenty First birthday Celebration - New Headmaster RV Rowland introduces himself at celebration.
1962 Cuban missile crisis in October - reports of boys running home to Coventry!
Beatles briefly in the charts with first hit Love Me Do. The beginning of a new era for youth culture.
1963 January - heaviest snowfall for decades. Huge snow drifts!
1964 Headmaster RV Rowland sadly passed away, replaced by George Parker.
Ken Williams appointed the new Deputy head after Mr Lambley leaves.
1965 Work began on construction of the new school blocks.
1966 4th and 5th year pupils moved into the new block.
1967 Old science lab converted into a pop art styled cafe / recreation room.
Terry Walker helps construct a collage and art work for the walls with pupils.
1968 Production of Oliver
1980 Rev D. A. Williams (English, Divinity and History) retired at 65.
1982 The City of Coventry Boarding School finally closed down.
1985 About 1985 the school became the National Centre of British Youth for Christ.