Friday, October 28, 2011

The Old school Ties!

Thanks again to John Andrew Steane

The Dudley and Blount House ties (Just need the Mortimer tie now).

Ralph Aldhous These were the new style ties. The older ones were cotton with narrow stripes.

Paul Norman posted one of the older type ties with narrow stripes-

And from Charles Joyce - The Mortimer Ties

the Athletics T shirt in Blount Colour.

The school badge

Paul Rees
Just been ironing Daniels school uniform for tomorrow. Posed a question tho' why did I hate school uniform so much? Okay, Dan does not have to wear a cap which I think we all hated but he looks soo smart in his colours that I am immensely proud. Did my family feel the same? The costs today are maybe less I suppose.

Sarah Williams Was it because at school the uniform identified you with a group and you would rather have been seen as an individual?

Paul Rees How astute Sarah! Quite possibly so.

Ralph Aldhous I would have been happy as Larry at CCBS but for one thing: I wasn't a team player. I wasn't proud of the uniform, I wasn't interested in team sports and I didn't care who won at Rugby. I spent the whole five years refusing to be anyone but me. I knew none of this at the time, and tended to accept the criticism from the staff which was that I was an idle, insolent little waster.

Paul Rees I was a bit like that except for X country. I had been told I could not do it because of asthma but sneaked out one day and really loved it. No side effects either. Rugby was a total myth to me but I did my best on Standards Day. I was in Blount and we hardly ever won if I remember correctly. I think Mortimer were always champs? Then I discovered team sports and felt better. Maybe its because I was given the choice later in life, not a compulsion??? Mr Parker, when I left, told me I would never make anything of myself. I returned 3 years later, a Corporal in the Army, in uniform. He said that he had told me that to encourage me to do better!!!! Yeah right!!!

Ralph Aldhous I didn't mind cross-country. At least it got you out, but I cheated when I could and walked on standards day which drove Tank into a fury because it wrecked the house average. I wasn't taking some kind of principled stance and didn't really know why I did it at the time. Years later I was a regular gym goer and ran regularly until I had a knee injury a few years ago. I never did get Rugby though.

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