Thursday, May 17, 2012

'Lets Rock n’ Roll' - by Charles Joyce

Lets Rock n’ Roll

Former pupil Charles Joyce who now teaches engineering at the University of Warwick has been working on a special project with some of his students, which he has shared with us. This is, perhaps a good illustration of how a former pupil has developed and is using some of the skills gained at the school.

" Yes, we have made the ultimate rock guitar! An unusual 3rd year project! Student, Alex Pepper, Civil Engineering Undergraduate allowed us to feature his work. The construction is a composite of cement and guitar parts and weighs 5 Kgs . An ideal prop for the Fred Flintstone TV show on in the 60s. The guitar really does work! 

Would Terry Walker or Gordon Place in the Art and Craft departments be keen on this concept. Interesting thought! Who would have thought we'd have mobile phones back in the 60s?

Now the music to accompany the theme, Rock around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets - from the the 50s, but re-released in 1968 and the late 70s. Elvis , made lots of rock n roll records.

Now , can anybody guess my weight? No insults please. Only sensible answers need apply!

Lets Rock n Roll , Bye for now. Charles Joyce M56

Charles Joyce gave me (Trev) my first guitar lessons at  school c 1966 in our 5th form and taught me the chords to Colours by Donovan.

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