Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Motor Mechanics - by Charles Joyce

In our final year 1967, a new subject came about - Motor Mechanics. Charles Joyce explains -

Do you remember Mr Chopping 'Pranger' by nickname, buying an old car which was used as a project, for motor mechanics and learning to drive, I still remember Dean Revel kangarooing up the school yard, and Francesco Fasulo taking bits off the engine, and forgetting where they came from. I don’t think it ever ran after that. We used to practice driving it up from the Woodwork shop to the bike sheds and having weekly motor mechanics lessons. i seem to think it was a Morris Minor Shooting break but can't be sure now.

After final exams, there was about a month or so until the end of term and until we left  - we had the choice of catering, the kitchen experience, or Gardening or something else, it must have been a 4th year initiative . I think Alec Hudson went on to do catering at Henley College when I was there.

No Particular Place to Go by Chuck Berry was a popular song while our year were there in the 60's and conjures up the spirit.

No Money Down - Chuck Berry

No Money Down - Chuck Berry
As I was motivatin'
Back in town
I saw a Cadillac sign
Sayin' "No Money Down"
So I eased on my brakes
And I pulled in the drive
Gunned my motor twice
Then I walked inside
Dealer came to me
Said "Trade in you Ford
And I'll put you in a car
That'll eat up the road
Just tell me what you want
And then sign on that line
And I'll have it brought down to you
In a hour's time"

I'm gonna get me a car
And I'll be headed on down the road
Then I won't have to worry
About that broken - down, raggedy Ford

"Well Mister I want a yellow convertible
Four - door de Ville
With a Continental spare
And a wide chrome wheel
I want power steering
And power brakes
I want a powerful motor
With a jet off - take
I want air condition
I want automatic heat
And I want a full Murphy bed
In my back seat
I want short - wave radio
I want TV and a phone
You know I gotta talk to my baby
When I'm ridin' alone"

Yes I'm gonna get that car
And I'm gonna head on down the road
Yeah, then I won't have to worry
About that broken - down, raggedy Ford

"I want four carburetors
And two straight exhausts
I'm burnin' aviation fuel
No matter what the cost
I want railroad air horns
And a military spark
And I want a five - year guarantee
On everything I got
I want ten - dollar deductible
I want twenty dollar notes
I want thirty thousand liability"
That's all she wrote

I got me a car
And I'm headed on down the road
No money down
I don't have to worry
About that broken - down, raggedy Ford

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