Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Photo from Mr Thorne's funeral

Photo from Dave Meacham -
"Mr Thorne's funeral, (Neen Savage) we only found out about the service the day before, but made it there. from left, Tony Booton, Mr McCarthy, Simon (the original Buz) Hull, Dave Meacham (Bubble) Dave Irish, Martin Flynn, Gordon Place (Duff to some & Clough to others) Gaz Marks (Fat Gaz), Not sure? Ed Meacham (Ed the Fed) (?) Pete Stacey, Mick Breslin (Brez) & Paul Doyle (Harry) Not sure who man in grey suite is ? If anyone recognises him, let me know. Picture taken at Neen Savage Church

This would be c 1997 I think - in or around that time.

Alan Thorne c 1995 /6

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