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Old School Photos Given by The Pioneer Centre

Keith Ison and Dragan (Mick) Gajic visited the Pioneer Centre ( what used tobe City of Coventry Boarding School in February 2013 and came back with a pile of old school photos. There maybe more to come and if so I'll add them in, so check back time to time for possible more photos and update on comments made on the school facebook page. Enjoy.

We think this school sign must have been a temporary one in 1957 when both the name of the school changed from Wyre Farm Camp School to City of Coventry School and also the Coventry Coat of Arms changed to reflect the idea of the Phoenix rising from the ashes after the war.

Rosemary Webb Rehill  That's the 50's. I remember the verandas looking like that and I remember that half the road was shingle in front of the ablution block.

Paul Nicholas Williamson  That's the end of the woodwork shop. The night that Dilys 'performed' on there and bless him, Gordon crept round and came into the Annexe and caught about ten of us making lewd remarks. We were only eleven but Dilys was a looker - trust me. We all got the whack as it was ten at night.

Mr Chinn - Director of Education and behind him Mr Morris - Headmaster until 1960, in the main hall, at a Sports Presentation 1958/ 60

If this is the school, it's a very early photo - no library block and and the end of the Woodwork building before they added panels to the end of the block. Possibly the school holidays when they had children from Coventry to holiday at the school during the summer. But some have questioned if it was our school. Nonetheless the photo was found at the Pioneer centre.

Keith Ison A few People have mentioned Robert Boyce on this site, he was on crutches, and one of the strongest swimmers at the school. Also on this photo front row middle Steve (spud ) Taylor
Middle row L TO R Second from left William Mcmenamin, Kevin Carolan next to Rob Boyce, Richard Harkin, back row with glasses Tony Kemp, I need some help with the other names.

Peter Melhuish Kevin Messenger on the right of Steve Taylor. Tierney to the left of Steve Taylor ????

Richard Gilhespy Me, holding the shield, to my right, I think it's Julian Ormanik (or Ormarod), to the right of Tony Kemp is Chris Burrows. I still have those swimming certificates, I'll dig them out and put them on here shortly.

Chris Burrows Just in front of me, Gary Coulter and at the other end one in, John Vark

Put this on before - Found on the Shropshire Star site from 2010 (date of the article not the picture.)

Rosemary Webb Rehill It's the original pool and that looks like Mr Morris. That water was cold!!!

Steve Webb That's Reg Morris standing near the steps at the shallow end. You had to keep your mouth closed while swimming in that water as it was a breeding pond for strings of maggots! No chemicals, (that I was aware of anyway) in those hardy days! Things improved once the new pool appeared about 1964????

Rosemary Webb Rehill Actually there were chemicals! I remember the bog glass bottles ! They kept them under Mr Morris office. I used to play under there. I remember them clearly.

Trev Teasdel - Could be the 50's but it looks like Ray Bothwell's year to me - early 60's, but i can;t be sure.

Trev Teasdel Mr Morris - (Head) on the right back.

Mick Gajic looks like Martin Hawthorn, head boy when i was there, sitting in middle blonde hair.

Paul Nicholas Williamson Martin Horobin, Trev Dodd. Trev, Martin Horobin was House Captain for Mortimer, could have been your first year at Cleobury ? Sitting, second from right. The chap with the glasses on is Stuart Graham, younger brother of Richie.

Chris Burrows To Rick's left are - I think - Stuart McDonald and Keith Hogben. To Rick's right, me and Brian Dunstee. Below Rick are Gary Coulter, then John Vark, then Gavin Ross. At the end of that row to the right is Martin Pickering and at the other end, Paul Blundell. Scout Masters, Fishy Place and Geoff Hinchliffe. Apologies if I've mis-identified anyone!

Could this be early 80's after the school closed before it was reused as a camp?

Early 80's?

Headmaster's Cottage

Early 80's?

40's or 50's - maybe these were the female teachers we've heard about.

The Kitchens.

Taffy Powell - Geography in the new block - possibly Coventry Evening Telegraph photo c 66 / 67


Agnes at the back - School Kitchens

A Young Mr Place squatting at the front with hat on. Back Wally Clarke pre 1955. Canoeing trip.

Michael Billings I believe this was a canoeing trip down at Stourport on Severn. Don't recognize anyone on the photo so probablly taken 1953-1954 ish.

Mr Terry Walker - then and now

Mr Place - then and now

Mr and Mrs Chopping - then and now

Mr Place singing

The Bursar after Mr Webb left int he 70's
Mick Powers This is my eldest Brother Martin doing the Long jump on the Top field where the Rugby & Athletics were held 62-63

Trev Teasdel That must have been just before i started in oct 62 as the long jump was on the bottom field by then I think. Before that Soccer was the main sport and held on the bottom field. It changed to Rugby about 1961 according to the school magazine and all athletics were held on the top field which yielded in 61 to Rugby.

TexasDave McGarry Pretty sure I came 3rd in that one.

Rosemary Webb Rehill  That looks like Terry Walker...

Michael Breslin - at the school in the 70's

Trev Teasdel - at the school in the 60's

School dance in the 70's

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