Saturday, May 4, 2013

Geoffrey Barber - Two School Photos 1955-56

From an e mail from Geoffrey Barber: - 

"I was at Wyre Farm Camp school in Blount House from September 1955 until September 1957. 

I have been lucky to be recently introduced to the school website and congratulate you on the excellent format.

I have been searching for the names of some pupils of that era, notably a Neil Hilliard but could not find him and not being on Facebook I do not know where else to look. Can you help me please?

I remember Mr Langley who was my teacher, also Mr Clarke who gave me six of the best with trousers down with a Gym pump! The pictures of the pool bring back many happy memories, excepting the one where I nearly drowned! 

Plus also I remember a very kind man, Mr R.T. Morris as headmaster who tried to persuade me on a Sunday tea at their white painted house to stay there as I had won a scholarship to go to Henry VIII school back at Coventry which is where I went."

Geoffrey Barber

Below, two photos of the school from with Geoff Barber
Geoff Barber 1955

Geoff and a friend at the post box 1956

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