Sunday, September 1, 2013

Old Photos from Pioneer Centre Archives

During the reunion August 2013, we had a look through the archive photos held by the Pioneer centre which go back to the 40's. I managed to photocopy some of the press cuttings that we haven't got on here (they are now on of course) and Ralph Alhous kindly re-photographed some of the photos which I thought we hadn't got. Some we had got but Ralph's versions are a bit clearer and there are some that are new to us from the 1950's.

Headmaster Mr Morris left of  the Lord Mayor and Directory of Coventry Education Dept Mr Chinn left of Mr Morris.

In this photo "This is from mid 60's.Gary Coulter in trunks in middle. - Chris Appleby)
"Tony Kemp in the back row and Bryce ((click) on the right end." Lauri Lindsay
"Clicker Boyce on far right he came in 64/5" Raymond Bothwell
"Look's like steve pearce front centre." Mick (Dragan( Gajic.

This was on before but a clearer version.

Taken by the Coventry Evening Telegraph c 1966 in the New Library - Frank Dutton standing up reading.
I sat some exams at those tables and was a librarian for Mr Williams (Jake).

Possibly in the 70's as the wash basins weren't boxed in in the 60's.

At the back Tony Baker who tells us " Batsmans Bride was I think 1957 or 58. More likely 57. The fourth year lads were the batsmen and first years the brides. Cannot remember story details but it was a short playlet. On the same bill was another playlet called Dumb Boy put on by the 3rd year. Both were produced by Wally Clarke." So the actually title was 'Batsman's Bride' not Batman's Bride as it says on the photo and which explains the cricketers in the photo. It was (according to Amazon) The Batsman's Bride. An operetta in one act. Libretto by Donald Hughes.

I wonder if this was based on Old King Cole nursery rhyme or something different?

Not sure if this above 1950's production would be deemed politically correct these days!
Tony Baker tells us " Definitely not 1955. I think 1958. It was taken at the old Coventry drill hall. I am on it with the rest of the 5th year. I have a copy . As you say the political correct brigade would have a fit today. We did not think anything wrong back then. A classical example of evil being in the eye of the beholder. The occasion was a concert by all Coventry schools. This was our contribution. We sang about Darius the Mede." Darius the Mede is mentioned in the Book of Daniel and Flavius Josephus etc Read more about it on

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