Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fantasy Mariner Display - Charles Joyce

We've had quite a few very creative exhibits by Charles Joyce who has recreated aspects of school
'Captain' Charles Joyce shipshape for inspection! 
life using the facilities of Warwick University where he teaches engineering. They are listed in the index under his name and include reproductions of  a 60's style woodwork room and much more. They are always fun, creative and informative and add another dimension to this blog. This is his latest which takes up the theme of comfy chairs, as you may have found int he school staff room etc. He's portrayed this with a fantasy mariner theme!

Over to Charles....
" The scientific approach to the relaxometer chair "
The infamous  staffroom easy chair is brought under the spotlight , the chair is placed on machine pad and will perform a gentle rocking and swaying sensation to simulate life on the ocean waves!

This Nautical motion will appeal to any ex-naval staff member, Mr. Harper comes to mind, with his tales on the high seas. The apparatus in question can give a sensation to those not accustomed  to a nautical  attire,
Sick bags can be provided on request, a ration of rum may help to settle one's stomach.

The theme is " The common room easy chair ", comfortable seating was a rarity at Cleobury, only staff members had the privilege of this luxury, being mainly confined to the staffroom , staff accommodation rooms or flats on the end of dormitory blocks.

The new building which has been now demolished ( that sounds odd ) had a pupil common room study area,
this room was furnished with luxury easy chairs and small low level tables just right for putting one's feet up after a day's schooling. I must admit I frequented this room on a number of occasions, and being caught with one's feet up, Mr Thorne would appear without warning, on the way to his office, likewise with Mr Place's aboard.

I recall on one occasion we all nodded off, and nearly missed mealtime! For what its worth.

The chairs are of a wooden construction, probably beech, being a keen woodworker, the beech is easy to identify; the cushions are foam and PVC covering. The staffroom chairs were probably velvet or fabric.
I have a perfect example of this item of furniture in one of our rooms at Warwick Uni.

Let us cast our minds back to those days at Cleobury when most seating was basic. In the latter years of the school , plastic molded seating was introduced in rest areas. The chair in question has a distinctive place in my memory , especially a whole collection in the inner sanctum of the school staffroom , and the echoes of 'who's been sitting in my place'.

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