Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Cricket Pavilion - Lower Field

Stephen Donald raised an interesting point when he said on one of his photos

"I wonder how many people on the blog remember the old cricket pavilion getting struck by lightning about 1960 I think. Bottom playing fields near where you used to come in off cross country."

Peter Weaver told us he didn't think it was there in in 1953 and Trev Teasdel and Ray Bothwell couln't recall it being there after 1962, so perhaps it was demolished after lightening had hit it. We have no photo on here with it on, that I've noticed.

However Rosemary and Stan Webb remembered it as did Michael Billings who was there in the late 50's around the same time as Stephen Donald - here's what they said on the Facebook page -

Michael Billings Yes it was there when I left in 1958. It was half way down the bottom field between the Headnasters Cottage & the road. Was really only used during interhouse cricket matches or when we were against the local school from Cleobury. The mower and the cricket pitch roller were kept at the side of the pavilion. The rest of the time it was locked but was pretty ramshackle."

Steve Webb Hmmm- cannot remember a lock on it. It was a very small building- maybe about 10 feet wide only. Made of logs. The space inside was room enough perhaps for 3 ordinary chairs. The entrance was in its centre, and each side of the entrance was a small "balcony" made purely of vertical logs so that when sitting in it, you could watch the cricket! I do not recall the lightning incident, but do recall that it was there in 1957 when we arrived and only lasted another 4 or 5 years before being removed. I never, ever saw it actually being used.

Rosemary Webb Rehill I remember playing inside it. Strangely enough I remember the weird woody smell...!

Steve Webb Yes- I too can recall the strange smell, which was probably creasote. I also recall that adjacent to it, towards the hedge, about 1957, was a small school garden which was no longer in use, (having been transferred onto the other field near to the hedge,) but still productive enough for Rosie and I to pull up, and eat, fresh carrots and soil, and pick and eat red currants.

Paul Nicholas Williamson The cricket pavilion, yes it has come to me, it was a black white wooden structure situated by the apple tree's opposite the dining hall, on odd occasions someone would park his car there when having one or two whiskeys too many. Looking at the photo it was situated to the left of the cricket square.

If anyone has a photo with the Cricket pavilion on, please send it a long / let us know or upload it to the schoo facebook page.

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