Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cleobury Rugby Team c1974 - Photo from Gary Marks

Thanks to Gary Marks for this contribution -


L to R back Row

Richard Bruce,Colin Rollason,Dave Rowlands, Andy Carrol, Satwant Bamwaite, John Kenny, Michael Breslin, Linden Harris, Darren Mulcahy

L to Right Back Row

Johnny Mckay, Bobby Paton, Duncan Milne, Gary Marks, David Cocherane, Gavin de Mirranda, Paul Fisher


  1. Formidable squad! Why wasn't Rob Hunter in this?

  2. Hey has anyone got a copy of the 75, 76, 77 or 78 rugby teams, it would be nice to see one I used to play second row #5, beside Aden Campbell #4 (Blount) I was the year below Gaz Marks.
    Hey dose anyone remember the big scrap up at top pitch 4th against the 5th year, lol Jock Parker singled both Me and Gaz Marks out for the strap, when we went to his office and he strapped us (4 of the best across the hand each). He asked if we knew who the others involved were, we both walked back up to top pitch and long story short Jock ended up strapping almost the entire 4th and 5th years, lol. That’s what you call SOLIDARITY. His arm must have been killing him for ages after that.
    I’m 49 know and that memory is still fresh, lol, I moved to Canada back in 1982, and I don’t remember if any of you remember but I was born in Canada. We have an old saying “You Can Take The Man Out Of The North But You Can’t Take The North Out Of The Man” any way I had to contact the School for some paper work so I addressed it to Jock Parker, long storey short he responded and told me about his War Years in the Service he was stationed in Canada at a Prison Of War Camp #100 (W) located at Neys Bay on the North Shore of Lake Superior about 200 miles from were I was born in 63. It’s located 1100 kilometres northwest of Toronto. I know he passed years ago but looking at this site brings back some great memories, my thanks and the thanks of my wife and boys who have all laughed at the pictures of my childhood and can put faces to some of my stories.
    Goes to show it’s a small, small world.

    1. I remember it well, and you too. I have a fantastic photo of you in senior house, 5th year, in your pyjamas and not rushing to get ready for breakfast. I will have to find it and post.