Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tanky Thorne’s Treasure Trove by Charles Joyce

Tanky Thorne’s Treasure Trove

by Charles Joyce

Tanky Thorne’s Treasure Trove, The loft space above his room in the old Mortimer dorm was a hoard of confiscated items he had collected over the years. Getting ready for the move to the new block, he decided to clear the lot out!

He asked me to help him get all these items, including every type of knife , weapon, contraband and all the contents were taken to the incinerator and he personally watched me throw then in the fire. The knife issue that Ralph raised on Facebook - the scouts were allowed to keep sheath knives, and a pen knife was an essential schoolboys kit, eg; Swiss army knife, but don’t get caught with one today.

I love Ray Mears, survival programmes, his knife can be so useful.
How  come we never had a dart board ? I sure it would have improved my mental arithmetic , perhaps the darts were too much of a temptation, or the association of pubs and alcohol , I like to watch Bullseye , the star prize, some allegro car.
Back to the treasure trove, I remember a collection of butterflies all mounted in a glass cased display, I don’t think those went in the fire.

I see there’s been some new material come in, Jock’s Clyde boat trip, Frank went on, made him had his hair cut on the holiday trip, and made him pay months later, how tight could anyone get, We had a collection and raised the money, and he even got bollocked for not paying sooner.

Charles Joyce with his new treasure hoard!

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