Monday, April 2, 2012

Last Orders ; Time Gentlemen Please - Photos and Text by Charles Joyce

Last orders ; Time Gentlemen Please - By Charles Joyce

Truly another classic gem , spot on focus , serious composure . Taken around 67’ returning from Cleobury probably a Sunday afternoon a leisurely stroll  around the village
The magnificent  7 are as follows , back row L to R :
David Mansell , Rich Gillespie , Jersey Duebeck , Peter Wan .
Bottom row L to R :
Sumanbhai  Patel , Frank Dutton , Frank Kirkland.

Note ; the dress code, Sunday best suits and ties, school scarves portrays a certain ambience and a credit to ourselves and the school image against the rural background and countryside of Cleobury . Well turned out lads , full marks for presentation .

As we were about to “get back” to school for Sunday tea , the Beatles hit comes to mind , I think the last which they recorded before they split , or was it ?

Sunday afternoon we go down to the village and have coffee and listen to the latest pop songs on the juke box . “Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon “ springs to mind, by the Kinks, or “ when a man loves a women Percy Sledge. Pity I never swopped places and got a picture of myself in the group.

2nd shot is Frank Dutton and myself relaxing by the pool surround , pity another double exposure, but adds a little character to the school atmosphere. “ roll out those lazy hazy days of summerNat King Cole.

3rd shot , down hill approach to Cleobury, from Mawley Oak. Just pick out the church steeple , and a very faint outline of Clee Hill on the skyline. The spring of 67’ slight shadows,

4th shot of myself (Charles Joyce) at home, Coventry.

5th shot , relaxing on a beach on a camping holiday, Guernsey 67’

Before starting my engineering apprenticeship, welcome to the world of work, 45 years and counting.

My title “ last orders” I think these are the last pictures, moments in time , captured forever “ time gentlemen please “ A Tribute to our past .

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