Saturday, April 28, 2012

New 70's Sports Photos from Michael Breslin

Thanks to Michael Breslin for these photos from the 1970's

Paul Fisher with hat, Ben Frank in white wig, Pete Germain teacher (Metalwork/French) The guy in the Fez is Mick Garlic.
Prepping for the school play, Simple Spyman 1976

School Rugby team 1973 Front row left to right
John McKay (kneeling) Mr Barret,Tim Vince, Tom Sayer, Mr Carol (holding ball), John Kenny, Michael Breslin, Don't recall the other 2. Peter Dawson is the lad kneeling on the right.
Back Row Mr Petty (Teacher )English, PE Nick Watson, do not recall the rest except the last two, Mr Thomas and Simon Hull on the end.
Note the colour of the school strip because it changed in the next photo just 4 yrs later.

School Rugby Team 1977 - Formidable bunch now!
Left to right front row:
John McKay, Dave Rowlands, Duncan Milne, Gaz Marks, (Honorary mention here, he still runs Pinley RFC and has played his whole life)Tim Vince, Simon Hull, Richard Bruce
Back Row :
Michael Breslin, Paul Fisher, Gavin DeMiranda, Robin Hunter, next I cannot recall. John Kenny, Lindon Harris, Satwant Banwait (Honorary mention - he became the County (Shropshire) champion cross country runner that year)

1st City of Coventry School Scout Summer camp 1977 Jersey

Front row, names have left me but Mr McCarthy (English teacher and now currently Principal/Head teacher of another school in Worcester)organised this soccer team
Back Row left to right
George Houguez, Don't know, Mr McCarthy, Dave Meacham, Michael Breslin, Duncan Milne, don't know.

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