Monday, August 12, 2013

The Headmaster's Cottage in 2013!

During the reunion August 10th 2013, I took the opportunity to take a walk in the direction of the Head's cottage after Paul Williamson asked if it was still there.

Armed with a mobile phone camera, i headed off down the path which in former days would take you past Lovatt's Music room. Times had changed.....

As you can see here, the ablutions have been demolished (quite a while ago) and this photo shows the ends of the former school Dormitories.

The field behind the ablutions has changed a lot - no more the rough grass and wartime  mounds of the air raid shelters. The campus is now the Pioneer Activity Centre.

In times past this path would lead past the Music room / Head's cottage and eventually out of the school via the school via the back way. Now fenced and landscaped with a woodlet, it looked somewhat different.

The music room is on the right and the Head's cottage further along on this 1967 photograph.

I explored the little woodlet, which leads on to the bottom sports field.

Here, in the woodlet, you can peekaboo the sports field and former dining room through the woodlet and adventure Construction.

Soon i came to a fence and assumed the cottage behind it to be the back of the former Headmaster's cottage.

Sneaking up, i got a better view.

I maneuvered around to the front of the cottage to get a photo.
Not having a copy of the photo of the Head's cottage as it was, I assumed it was the head's cottage but obviously refurbished.

However, now back at the computer, it's obviously not the Head's cottage or if it is, it has been rebuilt. I couldn't get further along the path - or at least i didn't have time to explore further as the rest of the reunion crowd were up by the Art Room by then.

Looking at Google maps, it looks like the former cottage site is now part of Cleobury Golf course and obviously rebuilt - here are some views - 

This looks like the cottage in the recent photo and is part of the Golf course complex i think.

In this photo you can just see the cottage through the trees.

Conclusion - it was rebuilt!


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