Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Wrens Warren Camp School (National Camps Corporation)

During the Wyre Farm Camp school (City of Coventry Boarding school) reunion 2013. We looked through some of the archive photos of the Pioneer Centre (as the school is now called).

Among the archives we found this research into the National Camps Corporation supplied to David Mack by John Bell - who wrote a book about Wrens Warren Camp School in Coleman's Hatch, East Sussex. Unlike Wyre farm camp School, Wren's Warren fell by the wayside and never became a secondary boarding school or anything related. It fell into dereliction and then a chicken farm and in 2001 made was for 7 luxurious houses according to John Bell.

The following is a letter with some research as sent by John Bell to David Mack in 2003 with some interesting information about the financing of  the camp schools. Click on the images to enlarge the view.

John Bell is the author of  Memories of Wrens Warren: A School Camp in the Ashdown Forest, 1940-45. Author, John Bell. Publisher, J. Bell.

There is a pdf of information here 

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