Friday, September 12, 2014

Photos 1955 / 56 from Roger McGee

At the Reunion, Roger McGee brought in some photos and material that he rescued from the main hall at the school some time ago. I asked him to send me scans of the material. These are the photos I've received so far. They seem to be from around 1955 / 56 with headmaster Mr Morris featured on most of them. If any more arrive, I will add them to this post. The Brochures and magazine will be posted separately. Apologies to Roger - I got his name wrong originally. The URL still has the mistake in but I can't change that without redoing the whole post and some people have bookmarked it now.

Tom Merry winning the Cross country at the Memorial Park, Coventry.

The following are from the 1955 (ish) School  Brochure

Cycling Club

After Lights Out.


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