Monday, September 8, 2014

School Reunion Photos Saturday September 6, 2014

On Saturday 6th September 2014 former City of Coventry Boarding School pupils returned to the camp, thanks to Stephen Donald, a pupil who was there in the late 50's. Stephen did a competent job of bringing together about 20 former pupils at Pioneer centre as the campus is now called.

The following are the photos that have emerged so far on Facebook. There will be more and Roger McGee is to send some archive photos from the 50's which he rescued from the main hall, including a copy of the 2nd Boarder magazine which we don't have.

First off is Stephen Donald's list of attendees. It's more or less right but a few changes. Chris Applebey (Mr Pip Pip) and his wife attended despite being crossed off the list.

In this photo left to right Trev Teasdel, Tony Booton, Dave Meacham, Michael Billings, Charles Joyce, Lloyd Preece (standing), Gordon and Dyllis Place - not sure of the rest.

Ralph Aldhous, Dyllis Place, Trev Teasdel, Mick Gajic.

Same as above.

In the new part of the Pioneer centre - In the foreground - Tony Booton and Keely Donald. At the back - Lloyd Preece, ?, Dave and Lynn Meacham and Mick and Judith Chopping.

Around the Campus
Lloyd Preece, Ralph Aldous, Mick (Dragan) Gajic.

Air raid shelter behind the ablutions with newer constructions for the Pioneer centre.

Lloyd Preece and Wife

Charles Joyce calculates his chances of escape by the 'Watch Towers' (In reality climbing towers!).

Path to what was Jim Lovatt's Music Room and the Head's cottage.

The field behind what was the ablutions - you can see one of the air raid shelter at the back.

The air raid shleter nearest to Jim Lovatt;s class room.

Another view of the air raid shelter (at the back).

You can see the warning sign about the overgrown air raid shelter.

These trees are near where the sick bay used to be - now demolished.

Meanwhile back in Cleobury Mortimer outside the Talbot

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