Friday, December 26, 2014

A Right Charlie!!

Former CCBS pupil Charles Joyce has made a right clown of himself (yet again!!) and raised money for charity this Christmas (20140.

This time around he took the persona of his half namesake Charlie Chaplin and in his own words -

" Hi Trev, just raised £ 112.70 at our Christmas luncheon at Scarman House, we beat last years at £105. Now I did have to dress the part as Charlie Chaplin, and it worked a treat, I shall send you the pictures, All done with a particular way. Everything from the charity shops, The bowler a real gem From Brecon , Wales, and a no 54 inch waist on the trousers, perfect.
This could be a new beginning ?"

We tried to interview Charlie for this blog but unfortunately he was in silent mode! However the following photos were leaked to this blog -

However, his table manners were a bit off beat!

but he made up for it with a brilliant speech

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