Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Vince Martin and the Vampires - Coventry's First Ever Rock n Roll Band - Vince went to Wyre Farm!

Vince Holliday who was later better known as Vince Martin, leader of Coventry's first ever Rock n Roll Band and the the founder of Coventry's music agency Friar's Promotion, went to Wyre farm Camp School in the post war years 1945 to 1950. back then the Headmaster was Mr Martin who was replaced by Mr Morris after Mr Martin retired. He's now approaching 80 and still in the music business as booking and publicity manager for The Phoenix Rock n Roll Band.

Here is a recent article on Vince Martin and the Vampires written by my good friend Pete Clemons for the Coventry Telegraph -

This article is also on another of my Coventry websites - here

This is the Coventry band The Phoenix Rock n Roll Band that Vince now promotes.
And if you want to find out more or book the band they have a Facebook Page

Friars Promotions
Vince also started Friars Promotions in Coventry and I still have one of their business cards from when I was publishing Hobo - Coventry Music and Arts magazine, in the early / mid 70's.
It's not as pristine as it once was, hence the discolouring.

And here is a post on Friars Promotion that i did for one of the Hobo magazine sites - 

Tuesday night at the Walsgrave in 1970 was run by Pete Waterman for Friars Promotions. I used to do the door for Pete at these gigs and here are a few tickets i still have.

Mr Martin was Headmaster at the time Vince was at the school and here is a photo of him from Coventry Archives.
Mr B. Martin - head at Wyre Farm we think 1942 to either 1947 or 48 or 53 depending on various conflicting memories. Vince thinks he retired in 1947 others are not sure if he retired or passed away. Anyway we at least have a photo of him!

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