Tuesday, March 1, 2016

School Canal Trip 70-71 - from Dill Holmes

Outside the new dorm.
Keith Ison Steve Mosey second from left middle row Peter Pennington front row with stripped top (his older brother was Vince Pennington). Looks like Steve Harkin front left, his older Brother Rich was also at the school.

David Stuart Bains one front right Harkin and Pennington front on grass Mosey next then left Baguley and Doubleday. The lad behind Mosey is his name Ward.

David Stuart  Dill is that the trip that old Titus Oates fell of the centre beam and broke his thigh which ended the trip at Leighton Buzzard.

Dill Holmes I am sorry I can't remember, the couple of things I do remember are lighting up a fag as soon as you got it in a tunnel, and two boys digging a very shallow hole in the middle of the tow path and emptying the toilet in it

David Stuart Went by train in to London to the British museum

Dill Holmes I think we went from Braunston , the guy on the tiller I think was David Ott, I think the guy on the right in the stocks was called Day,teacher Peter Germaine in the sun glasses

Stuart Tranter What a good time we had. I am the one in the middle of the stock,to the right in the picture is david ott

Dill Holmes Hi Stuart I certainly remember you just couldn't remember your name, probably due to a misspent 70's

Rosemary Webb Rehill  I remember my dad went on one of those trips!

David Stuart  Kempster is the one with his head in stocks

Rosemary Webb Rehill  Pete Germaine!!! Ha!! Those were the days!

David Stuart  (Bottom photo) Clive Kingsley-Smith facing camera Pete Germaine,think one on left is Stuart Tranter one on right name on tip of tongue.

David Stuart Not Stuart Tranter on left. Was his name Rankin?

Dill Holmes Don't think he was Rankin, guy lying on deck I think was Derick Champion , chap on right I think was David Ott.

Dill Holmes On second thoughts you might be right with Rankin, I might be thinking of Harkin?

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