Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Tribute to Stuart Tranter

Sad news from Sonia Tranter -
Stuart Tranter

 "Hello Trev. It's with sadness I let you know that Stuart Tranter, my husband passed away on Thursday 15 February after a battle with cancer of the osophagus. His funeral is on Monday 26th at 1pm in Coventry crem, charter chapel. 

Stuart and I came along to the last reunion in 2013 and he loved every minute showing me around and telling me all the escapades he got up to!! We took quite a few photos of the group there, but I cannot get access to them to show on this page. He had good memories of the place and having an older brother (Paul) there made it all the better.
I remember the name Mr Chopin mentioned a lot!!

I will close his Facebook account shortly, but seeing he was a member of the "I survived wyre farm school" I thought I'd inform you of his passing
Sonia Tranter"

Sonia also sent us this little bio of Stuart Tranter

Stuart left school to work as a butcher for the co-op. His first job was chopping up lambs which he found a bit crazy as the weeks before he had been hand feeding some at the local farm that he did quite a bit of work there. He met me in '74 and we married in '79. He retrained to go into industry as a Turner, which he then used to get into company's such as, Talbot, Motor Panels and lastly Land Rover when he retired on medical grounds due to a very bad left knee. 

We bought a place in Spain and enjoyed the last 12 years making it a place for all the family to visit as often as possible. Stuart was known as a "do-er" and enjoyed investigating how things worked and ready to help solve all kinds of problems ("how would Stuart approach or do this"?) was often said. He was active in the cub scouts for a long time too with the Coventry 46th. He often said that City of Coventry Boarding School, gave him a good grounding and ethos. He was right! He was kind and very thoughtful to everyone, and I was honoured to feel cherished by him. There is a huge void, but I will do my best to carry on his ways.
Stuart Tranter What a good time we had. I am the one in the middle of the stock


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