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"Reader shares incredible school photos from Wyre Farm in the 1950s" Coventry Telegraph

"Reader shares incredible school photos from Wyre Farm in the 1950s"

New article in the Coventry Telegraph ByLeigh Mencarini 
29 MAR 2018  -

"George Martin, known as Bert, shares old photos of his childhood pals from the camp that became City of Coventry Boarding School."

As far as I know, George Martin has not been in touch with us here or on the Facebook page. Feel free to join our Facebook page George, if you see this. Link is here

"He writes: “Here are some photographs that were taken at the school around 1955 or before. “I went there in 1951 and left in April 1955. The headmaster when I went was Bert Martin, subsequently I acquired the nickname of Bert."
Bert Martin - 2nd Headmaster at Wyrefarm Camp school. Mr Martin took over from the first head Mr Donaldson c 1942.
George Martin says “His deputy was Mr Morris, who later became headmaster. I believe he was killed in a car accident after I left."
Correction - Actually Mr Morris died of heart trouble in the main hall Noember 1960.

The school was first known as Wyre Farm Camp, as Coventry City Council had set up the boarding school in Shropshire after the National Camps Corporation said ordinary youngsters from crowded cities should be given a taste of the countryside life.

After the Second World War, the school changed its name to Coventry Boarding School and became popular with children of servicemen posted abroad. It closed in the 1980s.

Actually it became The City of Coventry secondary Boarding School - shortened to The City of Coventry School, later in 1957.

George Martin of Whitley shared these photos with the Coventry Telegraph from 1955 with Head teacher Mr Morris.

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