Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Every Picture Tells a Story - by Charles Joyce

Charles Joyce has been very creative, presenting some collages that he hopes  -

"Captures the life, Photos, hobbies, games, Technical Drawing (one of my strengths), and woodwork. Many hours spent there - notice the old money; 2/6d pocket money; a penny for church collection; the compass used up Clee Hill . The school ties are a real gem , been on my tie rack for 44 year! And the old camera - A Carl Ziess. Our Warwick University students think it’s a real cool item, with its fold out bellows. It was my fathers and went all round the world when he was a young man, and I still have it and it still works, but I don’t use it. Probably worth a few bob.

Summer of 1967 final school exam results, I never thought I would get to university or be a  Freeman of the City of Coventry!"

I've worked at Warwick University, School of Engineering for 10 years now - A Technical Supervisor in the workshops. We teach undergradutes practical engineering skills in CNC, CAM/CAD. machining processes, as well as traditional methods.

It's quite a interesting job, I've been in engineering all my career, also made redundant 5 times, all the places I've worked have closed. That says everything for Coventry. Manufacturing has nearly died, except for a few.

I live in Kenilworth, married.

Every Picture Tells a Story - by Charles Joyce

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