Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Visual Vignettes

A mix of recently sent material from Charles Joyce and Keith Ison and a bit more...

And from Charles Joyce - c 1966 / 7
Rugby - Mr. Chopin’s ref “ up and under”.

Basketball 1969 - From Keith Ison

The autographs..

Keith's Coat hanger with his house No on - Your house No had to be on everything..

Cleobury in the snow - above and not int he snow below!

Cleobury truck driver

Hobbies:  “ Panic, model boat pollutes swimming with diesel fuel on her maiden voyage " Charles Joyce

LAZING ON A SUNNY AFTERNOON - photos Charles Joyce

Sunny Afternoon - the kinks from 1966 but it doesn't look too sunny where they are filming!!

And photos from c 1966 /7 from Charles Joyce

Cycling , “ on the way back from Cleobury, stopped off Cherry Orchard , the field is full of trees now, 44 years on, still have the bike, Pollard 21” built in Coventry, shop was on the 
Binley Rd. 1964.

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