Friday, December 2, 2011

Down in the Science Lab

Charles Joyce takes us on a tour of the science lab 60's style...

Apart from the first two photos, these are photos are not of the school but are suggestive of the type of equipment that might have been found int he school science lab of the late sixties.....

The original school laboratory was in the same cedar wood block as the woodwork dept. In the late sixties this was converted into a pupil coffee bar / recreation area after the New Block was built with a brand new biology and physics lab.

Here is the old science lab c 1964 as photographed by the Coventry Standard.
In this photo - Malcolm Carroll, Mick Burns, Franco Fazulo / Law. / William Mccormack...(not sure of the others but unseen at the of this photo is I, Trev Teasdel.

The biology lab in the New Block c 1966
F/Row L to R   Rob Woodward / Charles Joyce / Ian Woolridge / Peter Shepherd / Mick Moore
B/Row L to R  Trev Teasdel / Franco Fazulo / Stephen Tearse / Nigel Underwood / Alec Hudson
Photo via Coventry Evening Telegraph.

The following photos are from Charles Joyce but not of the school - a view of the kind of equipment - 

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