Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Girls of the Boys School c 1964/5

Staff daughters c 64/5

Sarah Williams
Sue Rowland, Rosemary Webb (Rehill), me (Sarah Williams) and Aileen Parker, about 1964/5, on the tennis court. I think the white splashes may be snowballs being lobbed from behind the camera, which would also explain why we are all looking a little defensive.

Steve Webb BRILLIANT photo Sarah! I recognise (believe it or not!) your green anorak. This picture must have been taken in 1965, or late 1964, I would say. On the right of the photo you can clearly see your bedroom window, with Rosie's next to it on the far right. Also clearly visible is the cherry tree in your garden, and your old shed, which would eventually be lifted by our respective Dads, and moved into our back garden for the storage of all the home brewed wine! Yes- the "new" school was under construction at the time of this picture.

Rosemary Webb Rehill That would make me 12 to 13... Looks about right..

Steve Webb The girls are standing on the tennis court, and are attempting to clear the snow away. Remember it--- on the right as you walked up the drive?? Near the main road. Believe it or not, it is STILL there, but is now used as a car park for visitors at the Pioneer Centre.

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