Monday, December 5, 2011

Time Travelling Cleobury!

Cleobury 1906

Adrian Adams The Schools Cleobury Mortimer - Anybody know if these still exist, don't recognise it at all (taken in 1906)

Rosemary Webb Rehill Cleobury Primary School. That room to the left is where I learned to read. That post on the left in the front is where I bumped my head. They are now apartments.

Steve Webb Oh- a brilliant picture of Cleobury Primary. I went to school there from September 1957 till July 1960. Rosie was in Primary 1 there, and her classroom was in the separate building on the far right of the photo. That room on the left is where I started- but only lasted one day as all the other kids were non-readers. I was put straight up to the next class, which resulted in me having to spend 2 years in the top class later as I was far too young (9 years old) to take the 11 plus examination!

Steve Webb The picture is marked on the bottom right with "Valentine Series". This was a series of Picture Postcards sold in the 1950s (and probably many years before too,) in newsagent shops.

Adrian Adams My daughters partner brought it at an antiques fair last year for me. It is a postcard from a Mabel Clews in Cleobury to somebody in Willenhall, Staffs - posted 2nd July 1906.

Ben Whatmore with Milk Churn


Photos below - Keith Ison 2011
Keith Ison 2011

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