Monday, December 19, 2011

Photos from the 70's early 80's

Some have asked for more on the school in 70's and early 80's. These are photos from this blog relating to that period.

1st City of Coventry Scout Troup 77 in full regalia
Mr MaCarthy is Scout Leader here.
I am on the back row next to George Hougez.
Other people in here, Paul Doyle, David Meacham, Pete Molesworth Steven Hill

There are bigger group photos here (a mix of 60's / 70's and 80's)

Posts on this blog relating to these pictures and the 70's / early 80's - 
Cross Country - Mix of photos from different periods
Swimming Pool - Mix of photos as above
Basket Ball Teams - Mix - including 1981
Photos from Friends Reunited - Mix of photos - 60's / 70's and 80's

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