Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fifth Form July 1965 (from J. Starling Spadge's Collection)

Paul (Julian or Spadge) Starling passed away. his wife Sandra shared a photo with us that Spadge had been trying to find. I've cleaned it up a little as the original had lots of cracks and folds in it.

L to R - Ron Buckley,S. Cockran , M Berry (Baz), P Lund (Bean), Sadler, Julian starling (Spage) AKA Paul, DM McGarry (Spider),L. Wickowski.

TexasDave McGarry - Comment "I was checking some school photos you put up, and found one of my class, Lower 4 (dreadful word. lol). Standing by the side of the road, with Ron Buckley, Stuart Cocharan, Mick Berry, Peter Lund, Sadler, Paul (Spadge) Starling, me, and Lech Wicikowski. I remember that summer's day well. I think it was my camera, and I asked the teacher (can't remember who, but it was a biology 'nature walk').. It was our last few weeks at school, and that was our entire class standing there in the flowers, just up the road from the school... The Magnificent Eight!! Where did you get this photo? I thought I was the only person in the world with a copy of it.. and mine long died of age. Maybe I gave Spadge a copy a long time ago.. Texas. Yes Dave, Spadge's wife supplied this photo after he passed away.

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  1. Spider, Fancy you forgetting, the photo was taken by that nice chap Mr Hudson.Your right it was a biology walk, what crop is growing in the field survey thing.I think by then we were trusted not to run away back home.As for being in the Lower 4 class that was the best.Bloody good school.Lech Wicikowski always M36.
    Ps I too have a photo, I think Mr Hudson got them copied out for all of us, all 8.