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"It's a Knockout" 1970's and School Badge

Trev's school badge - Michael Breslin is getting some made for anyone wanting one for their collection. Contact Michael via the I Survived Wyre Farm Camp School Facebook page. (Soon)!

Contributed by Peter Cobham
Taken at the "It's a Knockout Competition", Held between Hoses Dudley, Mortimer, Blount and a team from the local village school. This competition was part of the Silver jubilee celebrations.
Photo taken o n the basket ball court in front of the tech drawing room.

Trev Teasdel ‎'Long haired-gits!' lol - Slasher Jack (the barber) would have had all that hair off us in our time at the school. You guys missed 'Slasher' Jack - he lived in the cottage over the road from the school and his maxim was "you can keep what you have under your cap" - the rest was ruthlessly 'slashed'. One of the characters of the school - but he passed about 1969 or thereabouts. Hairstyles were one of the differences between the photos of the school in the 70's and beforehand. Good clear photo Peter and one we haven't seen so far.

George Houguez The guy at the back, centre, 'Nick Watson', was told by Gordon Place, who had a tight hold of his ear at the time, "Anything below the ear is mine." in respect to a pair of sideburns Bradley Wiggins would have killed for. The Silver Jubilee 'It's a knock-out' was fantastic. How no one was seriously injured by the carts or tractor tyres remains a mystery to me.

Peter Cobham To the right of Nick, (his right), was Gaz Marks, and to his left but at the end was I think, one of the milne brothers, stahnding with the Joker near his left hand and with the amazing pudding bowl haircut was Steven Ferguson and standing at the front in the colourful track-suit was Paul Slevin, I dont see you or Trevor Buck in there George.

George Houguez Nick Bevan is next to Gaz Marks, Malcolm Milne at the end, Duncan Milne is holding the joker. I think stood next to you is Surrendra Patel and Dave Meacham. Andrew Lee is crouched at the front, and I think it is Ronnie Ferguson at the front. Behind Steven is Vince (can't remember his first name), Ben Franks and Colin Rollason. I think the boy in the flares at the front is Gallagher (again, I can't remember his first name). I'm not there, nor is Trev.

Peter Cobham You are right George, that was Surrendra, cant really remember Dave Meacham, but remember the name, and of course Andrew Lee and Ronnie Ferguson, is that Martin Fisher, (RiP), standing next to Steven Ferguson? to Stevens right?

George Houguez I don't think so, Martin Fisher had curls. Don't remember his name.

Peter Cobham Probably right, so where where you and Trevor?

George Houguez Probably smoking :-)

Michael Breslin In Between Nick and Malc Milne is Sean O'Brien, I remember him bashing his head on the steps in Senior House, very serious indeed.Far left at the back is Mick Garlic? Directly below him, Tim Vince peeps through. Directly in front of Gaz is Tim Rollason? Ben Frank is to his right. Which one do you think is Martin Fisher and how did he die? Who is getting a piggy back with his face paled out, is it Paul Doyle ...H-ar-r-y?

Peter Cobham I thought the one sttod behind the guy getting a piggy back was Martin Fisher, but pretty sure as George says I am wrong, not sure which one was Paul Doyle, As for Martin, he died on his way to work one day on his motorbike, aged 17, no other vehicle or person involved, hit a tree, his mom said he went to work with a bad cold so maybe he sneezed or started coughing, either way, much too young to go!

George Houguez  I think MB is right about Paul Doyle. Link to a post about Paul Doyle on here

Peter Cobham  Michael, thanks for putting names to Tim Vice, (a real ginge) and to Ben Frank who one time hit me in the face with a Scholl slipper, (by accident) it was on parents day, he and Tim where senior men in the dormitory.,

Michael Breslin Nick Watson worked at Rolls-Royce for a while in procurement I think. I was an apprentice at the time with Paul Fisher

George Houguez I remember the Ben Frank flick. Spectacular blood loss on Viso! I was an RR apprentice the year after.

Peter Cobham blood loss on viso?

George Houguez Visiting Sunday aka Viso!

Peter Cobham my first move was to Jaguar, but for a while stayed in touch with you George, Trevor Buck, Andy Cyfko, and David Hacket.

Michael Breslin Viso was heaven in a drought! Tuck boxes the size of hampers got replenished and a day of something other than school food in the village or nearby. Pete i remember all those names. George did you see the photo in Jersey on the blog? Hey if you have a longboat, you must know my mate Wolly, (Cov Clown) he also lives on the canal. The fella giving the piggy back has some of the meanest pin-striped Oxford Bags. I bet they have a high waist band too...all the rage then and a variation was with patch pockets. This is a great photo! Who took it?

Peter Cobham was just looking at the 77 school photo, couldnt see myself, but picked out Gaz Setchell, I remember him and Andy Cyfko bouncing on beds in the dormitory listening to ELO's Roll over beethoven

Michael Breslin I will guess that Mr Woods took it cos its Black and White.

Peter Cobham No idea who took it Michael, but in my minds eye I can still see him wearing those oxfords. The guy on piggy back I mean. Do you remember what house numbers you where Michael and George? I was D9

Michael Breslin JM38 on a Cash's name tape. Every sock, pants vest had to have them and my Mum hated it even though she was a seamstress because it became an annual thing sewing them into every stitch of clothing. When my older wayward brother attended from 3rd year on, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Peter Cobham I actually still have a few left in a small bundle that where left over, I was SD9 then.

George Houguez D33 Some of my stuff was still labelled JD33 when I left school.

Michael Breslin Oh, I forgot they changed for Senior House eh? I bought some for my Dawtas school on the internet. Cash's have a rich history in Cov with ribbon Weaving. I was amazed that they were still going!

Peter Cobham I remember going to the school clothing shop in the lower precinct near to the round wimpy to get bundles of clothing, cricket whites rugby shirt, sprts vest, shorts, shirts trousers, blazer, tie and even a school cap!

Michael Breslin Haha, you had a school cap, have you still got it? Shop was called Batts Clothing.

Michael Breslin I would actually wear one if I had it now cos I frequently wear a baseball cap with Guinness on it.

Peter Cobham no its long gone but yes that was it, Batts,

Michael Breslin Only Mick O Donoghue and Mark Harden had them in my year and they took some stick. Mick also wore shorts on the first day and sadly so did I!!!! No-one else did. One week later I had long trousers though thank God.

Peter Cobham yep I also wore shorts on my first day, it was also the last day I wore them.

Michael Breslin ‎....again I would also wear shorts now...I actually have shorts on today! Wanted, one old school cap, top dollah paid!

Peter Dawson anybody know the name ov the lad back row 3rd from the left

Peter Cobham Sorry Peter no I dont know his name, but I certainly remember his face.

Peter Dawson same with me Peter I remember the face he was in Dudley

Peter Cobham Peter, yes all the guys in that pic where in Dudley house, we won the competition, I had also been involved, (obstacle race), but had rushed back to the senior block to get changed hence I am not in sports kit.

George Houguez I think that the guy 3rd from the left was Nick Bevan. I saw that post. I think Nick Bevan was in Mortimer.

Peter Cobham well that was supposed to be a pic of the winning "It's a Knock-out" competition team
Which of course and without a doubt was Dudley, Yaaaah!

George Houguez Perhaps Nick Bevan wasn't in Mortimer after all. Who knows?

Peter Dawson Nick Bevan rings a bell george

Michael Breslin Excellent memory George, who is in between Nick Bevan and Mick Garlic far left, I remember he had devious eyes, almost piercing and he laughed at everything. Yes it was a close Dudley win, I think you beat mortimer by 1/2 point because Pete Germain was giving fractions for some events!

George Houguez I know what you mean about his look. I don't remember his name though.

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