Friday, August 24, 2012

School Photos from the Archives

Again, thanks are due to Peter Dawson, who managed to get the permissions needed to access these photos from Coventry archives, to whom we are most thankful. These were taken quickly via Peter's Mobile and will be replaced when Peter has got better versions via a camera. They are a varied bunch of photos from the 40's to 70's. Enjoy.

A.G. Donaldson 1940 - 42 the School's first headmaster.

Martin Hawthorn (former head boy 1962-63) and later PE teacher 1970's presenting a photographic album on behalf of the Old Boys Association to Headmaster George Parker sometime in the 60's.

Eric Webb (Bursar) presenting an award to Miss E.J. Richardson (School nurse) in 1977 for 25 years service.

Trev Teasdel Is that Barry Mathews (teacher on left) and it looks like a computer keyboard. Must be a very early one!

Michael Breslin Is this at Mullers Factory?

David Stuart Pete Germain in the background with the glasses on,looks like my year.

Paul Rees Was that the engineering company in Mamble?Looks familiar.

Rosemary Webb Rehill I spotted Pete in the background too! I thought he was such a dish!!!

Richard Gilhespy Definitely Barry Mathews, a good guy.

David Stuart lad next to Mr Matthews is Alistair Green,in front of him is David Allen.

George Houguez Is that Gary Russell on the far right?

Keith Ison that is Robert Sinclair on the right
David Stuart yes it is.
Peter Melhuish Looks like it could be Bill Partridge ( Teeth)

Rosemary Webb Rehill I see Margaret Parker and Aileen in that photo!!!

Trev Teasdel Where? What date is this? Black and white photo yet hairstyles are longish - suggests 70's.

Michael Breslin Far left looks like Ali Milne with Duncan Milne in front 1973?

Rosemary Webb Rehill Earlier. Aileen looks about 12. That would make it about 69

Michael Breslin Can't be Duncan then, not sure about Ali.

Michael Breslin Gordon Plaice as Scoutmaster, Wow!

Keith Ison is that Steve ( spud ) Taylor middle row second from the left.

Richard Gilhespy Back row 4th from left Chris Burrows (I think), 5th me, 6th Stuart McDonald (again I think and Dudley House Captain 65/66). Middle row 7th from left a tenacious lad, can't at this time remember his first name, but surname was Boyce. He was ...See more

Keith Ison Richard the guy you are on about is Robert Boyce, he was a great swimmer as well.Two more I seem to remember front row, the two on the right hand side in uniform William Mcmenamin, and Kevin Carolan.

Peter Dawson on the SS Uganda

Rosemary Webb Rehill I know that boy in front. His name was Simon.

Trev Teasdel Looks like Taffy Powell (Geography) at the back in white shirt. Is it Simon Pike? Tall one at back with blond hair Richard Clarke? Right Graham Jones? They were the year below me. Mark Pickering on left behind Simon?

Raymond Bothwell I think thats ME with white shorts and black pullover, next to jones..

Michael Breslin That famous COC House Trophy! Inter House competition combined results were rewarded at the end of the school year with the C.O.C. House trophy. Here it is. Who has it now ?

Keith Ison L to R...Richard Harkin, Roy McManus, Peter Bentley, not sure about the last one i think it was R. Graham.

Paul Rees Roy Mc Manus??? I was in the same year as Richard Harkin. I remember this, I think........
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Keith Ison Roy was in our year Paul.
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Michael Breslin What house lads? George can't possibly be right on this one!

Tony Booton Rev Williams i see with you boys there's a lot of water gone under bridge since that was took which one is you

George Houguez Dudley house team, Top of The Form competition. Circa 1975/6. That's me in the middle.


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