Saturday, July 30, 2011

Clows Top Mission

Michael Billings (who was a pupil at the school in the late 50's) recalled seeing a 'Nissan Hut' with a Midland Red bus beside it with a tree apparently growing out of it. We managed to locate via Google Streetview and research its history.

Michael Billings
" I have a memory of walking on a Saturday afternoon up to Mawley Oak and turning right towards Bayton & Clows Top. Along this road there used to be, on the right hand side, an old Nissan Hut (Corrugated Roof) with an old single decker Midland Red bus next to it which had obviously been there a while as a large bush was growing out of the back of it. Anyone cast any light on exactly where this was or does anyone else remember it? Can't remember how far along the road it was but must have been a fair way towards Clows Top."

Michael then used Google maps - Streetview to locate the exact spot -
"On the righthand side of the B4202 just before Clows Top village, Just after the sign showing the A456 Kidderminster to Leominster Road."

Trev did some research " it's called Clows Top Mission Room and was built in 1895 as a memorial to the Rev. John Cawood, and provided a place for Anglican worship in the village. So it looks like it was a Mission Room all along. Maybe the old bus was used to transport the elderly along the lane or for trips out! It's also known as a Tin Tabernacle (there used to be one in the village in which I live now)."

More info on this page which also contains one of the pics of the Mission Hall.

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