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c 1968 9 the School hosted a production Oliver in the Main Hall. Their has been some discussion of this on Facebook and Rosemary Webb Rehill has shared some photos.

Some of the discussion  from Facebook - I survived Wyre Farm Camp School -

Lauri Lindsay
"Anyone from my time remember doing "Oliver"? If I remember correctly Rosie played Nancy."

David Stuart  "I was at the school from 66-71 and I had two parts in the play 'Oliver', I think that is me sitting at the front in the white hat."

Rosemary Webb Rehill "Spud is in front of me. Steve Garret is in front of Aileen. Terry Walker is in the background and so is Mr. Baker. Tony Warren is on the right in the back. Trev. I think it was 68 or 69."

David Partridge "I think my brother Bill was in it."

Peter Melhuish "On the Oliver photo, I can see Bill Partridge, top left in a Top hat, in front of him Paul Southerton and Steve Taylor top hat miiddle of photo need to look more to see if I can name any others."

Peter Lund "I don't remember Oliver but I do remember Arsenic and Old Lace when I played the vicar lol how wrong was that casting when I think back on my life lol"

Glyn Thomas "I do believe Oliver with Terry Walker as Fagin,was the year after Arsenic and Old Lace."

Peter Melhuish "Yes it was did Paul Norman star in that with Paul Mason"

Peter Melhuish "I think you are right Terry Walker played Fagin"

Rosemary Webb Rehill  "I remember it well. I have photos somewhere. I'll find them and post them. You're quite right Lauri I played Nancy. Were you one of the urchins? I remember going to see Arsenic and old Lace, that was before Oliver. Fagin was played by Terry Walker. Steve Garrett? played Oliver. I remember Paul Norman and Paul Mason. They were a year older than me.

Peter Melhuish  "Was Oliver Steve Gollop? Who played Bill Sykes?"

Rosemary Webb Rehill  "Right Pete, Steve Gollop. Bill was played by a guy with a polish last name..... I still have the program somewhere. Pete were you in it?"

Peter Lund  "Yes Rosemary I was the vicar in the opening scene having tea with the two not sweet old ladies lol" 

Peter Melhuish  "Hi Rosemary Was Bill played by Simon Weclawek. I was not in
the play but was in charge on props. Was Aileen in the play i seem to remember you both being at the rehearsals"

Rosemary Webb Rehill  "Pete, yes Aileen played Bess and I played Nancy. I saw her last summer. She still lives in the area."

Below - another play -not sure what this was??

Close up of Rosemary & Spud Taylor

Aileen Parker and Rosmary Webb Rehill - close up 

This was the real Workhouse in Cleobury

The Cleobury Mortimer Poor Law Union formally came into being on 15th July 1836. Its operation was overseen by an elected Board of Guardians, 20 in number, representing its 17 constituent parishes 

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