Saturday, July 30, 2011

Graham Baker's Band

Graham Baker had a band at the school. circa 1964/5 they played on the school playground during visiting days - hits of the day like I Can't Explain, Needles & Pins.
Graham Baker

David Partridge  The band was Graham Baker, Terry Hobson drums, Keith Wallace (bass) and I think ? Heymer.

Rosemary Webb Rehill  I have a vague memory of the band mentioned playing at my 13th birthday party in the assembly hall. Does anyone remember that? The year would fit.
David Partridge Graham, Keith and Terry all left with me in '65.

Trev Teasdel  They practiced in Mr Lovatt's classroom. Before Graham left they would borrow my record player I used my reel to reel to record them - think Graham kept any tapes. The line up changed towards the end with a couple of lads from my year joining - Dean Revell and Nigel Underwood for a short while. I recall they did Tired of Waiting, Under the Boardwalk, Pain in my Heart etc. Anyone remember them?
The Kinks with Tired of Waiting in the abcence of any audio of Graham's band. 
Trev Teasdel - They were very good for a school band - the songs sounded like the bands whose songs they covered. I don't recall them writing their own material at all though. 

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