Friday, January 20, 2012

Association Football - 1961

In the school brochure from 1962, under games, it states -
" The school now plays Rugby Football during the winter and spring terms. Association football, although no longer an official school game, is encouraged as an out of school activity"

As you may have seen from the post on Rugby Football - Rugby, introduced by Mr John Cox in 1961, replaced Association Football as the main school sport in that year. The article that follows is from the 1961 school magazine - The Boarder.


Last season was a very successful one for the first eleven. In most games the team's scores reached double figures, which shows that the team played with greater zest and skill than their opponents.

Undoubtedly, the most enjoyable game of the season was that in which the school played against a team fielded by the Old Boys Association. The school, admirably supported by Mr. Elkins-Green, Mr Chopping and Mr Place, played hard, but the skill of the Old Boys could not be matched and they eventually won by 7 goals to 2.

The school team was captained throughout the season by D. Brown and RE Yates was vice captain. Martin Hawthorn, in goal played excellently and saved the team many goals and, indeed, defeats.

The following boys were awarded football colours :

J F Batts, DR Brown, M Hawthorn, R Smith, P Widdison.

Here, i should like to take the opportunity of thanking Mr Oxendale and Mr Elkins-Green for coaching and organising the team.

This did not prove such a successful season as we had hoped it might. The chief reason for this would appear to be that the pitch was unfit for play for  long periods particularly in the early part of the term, which meant that the side missed some much-needed practice essential to enable the new players to fit into the team.

However, the colts by no means disgraced themselves, throughout the season. The team was captained by I Elmer, who was one of the few people to have played in the Colts during the previous season.

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  1. Back in the time circa 1958/9 I recall a bit of a fad re catapaults. We all wanted one and finding an appropriate Y from a piece of wood wasn't much of a problem, neither was finding the elastic (suppose this came from the "garters" your Mum would make to keep your socks up !)

    The big problem was finding an appropriate piece of leather or some such sturdy material to make the hold for the missile, be it a dried pea, stone or whatever. To this end I recall a favourite option was to go into the room where the football kits / boots were stored and cut the leather "tongue" out of someones football boots. (not your own of course)

    I clearly recall doing this to only to find a short while later that the "tongues" had been cut out of my boots ! - what goes around comes around.

    The Original M28