Thursday, January 12, 2012

Paul Williamson - School Cross-Country Champion

That Paul Williamson was school Cross-Country champion in the early 60's is legend among those who were there at the time. Paul kindly agreed to send his certificates and some photos which I received today in the post.

I asked Paul about his record breaking successes -
" When I left,  I was the school cross country champion and held all the records, under 13 under 15 and the under 16 and when I come across people of my age group they all remember me for my running,"

I recall Paul was in the fifth form when I started and I seem to remember he was in Blount  -
" Yes, I was in Blount which always won the Cross country cups. I have fond memories of not being beaten by anyone from the school at Cross country. Never carried on after I left school something I do regret but still have had a great time playing and watching sport"

Paul shared a couple of photos with us -

This photo is the start of the One Mile Race with Mr Chopping starting the race.
In the photo from the inside lane - Paul Williamson, Ken Ball, Pete Johnson, Peter Widdison, John Starling, Howard Braithwaite, Graham Spencer, Pete Wills, Trev Dodd, Allie Peebles.

Paul Williamson being presented with 'something' by Mr Chinn - Director of Education. Behind him is Headmaster RV Rowland and I think next to Mr Chinn is sports teacher Gus Roberts (anyone confirm that?)
Says Paul "They used to wheel Mr Chinn out every sports day and he would always come out and with the usual rubbish about the new school being built (the first and only stage would begin in 1965). Every year we heard it about it."

Paul has supplied two of his certificates - 

Paul also supplied a copy of the school magazine The Boarder - No 4 July 1961 which will be posted in another post, but there's further information about Cross Country in it on page 15, shown here - 


  1. Wow that. brings back memories Paul
    I can still remember our first run where you sped off into the distance me and Bill Griffin left in your dust and you saying at the end you didn't know you could run that good.
    John Tearse

  2. I don't think that looks like Gus Roberts.