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Cricket 1960


This article is taken from The Boarder - July 1961

CRICKET 1960 - R Yates Form V

From the school brochure 1962
Once again, as in several former years, the first X1 started the season poorly, but after settling down they won the majority of the remaining games. In all, 13 games were played, 5 lost and 8 won.

New fixtures were arranged against the Shropshire Constabulary, Heighton CC, the Old Boys and the Parents team. All these matches, except those with the Old Boys and the Parents, were won by the school.

The school was favourably represented in the District team and R Farr, R Graham and R Yates were chosen to represent the school.

R Graham won the school batting and bowling averages and also played for Worcestershire County. W. Browning, R west and R Yates were awarded school cricket colours.

The Colts had a fair season and Hawthorn proved a good Captain; indeed the school teams are to be congratulated for their general alertness and overt enthusiasm. They have always tried hard.

Finally, K Moyle deserves mention for his quiet and meticulous scoring for first X1 matches.

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