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School Clubs and Activities 1960-61

These reports are from The Boarder - Issue 4 July 1961

Make no mistake about it - aeromodelling is a grand hobby. If you are a newcomer to this pastime then you have a whole new world of exciting fun before you. Perhaps there are several new worlds in fact, as there are many branches of this hobby. This means that when you visit your local model shop you are confronted with a bewildering array of kits of all types, sizes and -  inevitably - prices. Which should you choose?

The answer is - choose a model you will be able to build and fly. Do not make the usual beginners mistake of selecting a plane which is too difficult for the beginner to build and fly.

The school aeromodelling club has started only recently, but nevertheless many boys have shown great interest and it is one of the most successful of all clubs. Mr Place organises meetings and gives kindly advice to any club member who needs it.

Gliders, control-line and free-flight powered models have been constructed by members and one free-flight model has already been lost; it was last seen proceeding gracefully in the direction of Bridgenorth......

I hope that this club will continue to meet and grow for many terms to come.

R Farr - Form V


During the first two terms it was pleasing to see the standard of chess improving throughout the school; consequently, the inter-house competition was given new rules so that the Junior section of the school were given an opportunity to show their real ability. With each house having a Junior and a Senior team, the competition became a closely fought contest in which several interesting games were played. In the end the decisive match between Dudley and Blount Juniors gave Blount success and the Cup.

In the Individual Handicap Competition great enthusiasm was shown for there were more than a hundred competitors and after several hard matches D C Ley, emerged the winner for the second successive year. The other cup usually presented to the best senior player in a second knock-out competition was not competed for this season.

I am sure that in the future years the standard of chess will steadily improve so that the boys concerned may have the opportunity of playing in the near future in matches with other schools.

DC Ley Form V

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