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The Boarder - July 1961 - Editorial and Various Articles

These are from The Boarder Issue 4 1961

Since the publication of the last issue of the The Boarder, the school has suffered the loss of its headmaster, Mr RT Morris. In the Autumn term, at a performance of the school play, Mr Morris collapsed and three days later died in Kidderminster hospital of coronary thrombosis. His death came as a shock to all; the school rested on his broad shoulders; the boys had come to regard him as a father figure, deserving respect and reverence.

Under Mr. Lambley's leadership and inexhaustible will-power the school has been conducted during the winter and summer terms. He has shown tremendous energy and been loyally supported by an untiring staff.

We look forward now to a new period in the school's history - a period which will be inaugurated when Mr RV Rowland takes over headship in September. he has already spoken of his keenness to come to the school and our best wishes go to welcome him.

In the summer term, we lost another great friend of the school. Mr Challenger, Vicar of Neen Savage Church left to become Vicar of Little Hereford Parish Church. Mr Challenger was very reluctant to leave his old parish, we understand, because of his great affection for the school; we hope he will return and visit often.

It has been a year of change and doubtless the coming year will promote deeper far reaching changes. certainly we ring out the old, perhaps reluctantly, and ring in the new with tentative, exploratory minds. Novelty for its own sake may always be despised, but newness as an experiment in living and an experiment in education should be welcomed by all who are members and friends of the school.



                                 Form                                      Progress
L1                             P. Corlett                                E. Hall
U1                            C, Eades                                 D. Partridge
L2                             R. Meecham                           T. Jones
U2                            D. Jackson                              D. H. MacDonald
L3                             D. Bamford                            P. Snowdon
U3                            T. J. Dodd                              J. R. Currell
L4                             P. Harris                                 P. Widdison
U4                            D. Turner                                M. Edwicker

Best Garden Plot : K. Birchell
Usefulness and Helpfullness in school : J. Tearse
Leadership in Annexe : C. Eades
Leadership in Blount : J.J. Bolster
Leadership in Dudley : D. Hazelwood
Leadership in Mortimer : 
- Head Boy And Sportsmanship and Leadership - R. Graham.

GCE RESULTS 1960 and Pre-Tech Results for 1961




One of the most interesting developments in the school over the past year has been the growth of the school library system. Three houses now have their own libraries which are completely run by the boys. They have set times of opening and contain books on fiction, science, sport and many reference books. However, new additions are always welcome and if any reader has in his possession books which he no longer wants a place can be found for these unwanted books in one of the house libraries.

The main school library has grown immensely with some purchases by the school and the loan of 500 extra books from Coventry City Library. It has moved from a classroom to its own room and has been entirely reorganised. It now has well-divided sections, desks and chairs of contemporary design, and the number of books totals about 1500.

It is hoped that as a result of these developments the standard of reading in the school will improve and that the boys will be encouraged to read books of high literary value. At present, to judge by reports made by librarians, the commonest request is for ' a good 'orror story, or something about murder if you haven't'

N. Blackford - Upper 111


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