Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Up the Creek without a Paddle - Canoeing on the Wye

Pic from Shropshire Star - Lads with their Canoes 
Canoeing was an activity some of the lads look forward. They even made their own canoes in the woodwork shop, guided by Gordon Place, the woodwork teacher. However it wasn't all plain sailing! In fact it was often a case of  "Up the creek without a paddle!"

Charles Joyce has created the other photos in exhibition form using a canoeing map of the Wye submitted by Paul Williamson from his school days in the early 60's.

David Stuart I remember doing a canoe trip that was cut short by an accident that happened at Bewdley when one of the lads nearly drowned and was taken to hospital,that night the rains came and we lost I think two canoes.

Peter Melhuish The woodwork shop was opposite the pool and canoes where kept under the shop. We
spent the month before getting them ready. We spent the month before getting them ready for the trip.

Rosemary Webb Rehill I do remember the canoe trips. I have a vague memory of visiting with provisions. Does anyone remember the planes that everyone was flying ? They were very noisey and it was over on the land behind the ablution block.

Peter Melhuish I did the canoe trip, unfortunately after 3 days the river level became to dangerous to continue due to all the rain that we had this was the first time ever the trip was cut short.

There was a canoe trip down the river Wye. I couldnt go on it as my parents wouldnt pay. I ended up building the canoes with fishy Place in the workshop in the evening. They were the old style lathe and canvas type. built many more since but in fiberglass. Ended up being a canoe instructor in the army.

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