Monday, February 27, 2012

Echoes from the Past - Three photos from 1967

Charles Joyce says -
"These are three shots of Cleobury school around 1967.. I discovered then recently by chance, they were never printed due to errors of the photographer. The swimming pool scene, displays a double exposure that superimposes and presents a classic echos from the past. But look at the texture of the water that brings the picture alive, with the famous water tower breaking the skyline. The lads in the pool are Frank Dutton, Ralph Aldous, Steve Tearse, and Pete Wan looking cool wearing the shades. The other lad I can’t identify, any ideas? (Ralph has identified him as Alan Packham - yes I think that's right! -ta Ralph!). The camera used was Carl Zeiss Ikon Jena , featured  in previous displays captured these magic moments in time.

The 2nd shot is of Charles Joyce taken in front of the dining room , notice the volley ball net just visible to the extreme right, pity the shot is out of focus.

Here is a second version of this picture - still out of focus but an attempt to correct it!

The 3rd shot is the cricket pitch, with the water tower breaking that skyline. Viewing from left to right ; new block ( Forest Lodge) now demolished, The Dining room/ Staff room, Classroom block, behind the Gym( converted to a metalwork workshop( now demolished) 5th form classroom/cricket pavilion.

Charles suggested some music for the post - "The Rolling Stones recorded the “ Last Time” another 60s classic, which was a favourite of mine."

"Didn’t  Perry Como record “ Magic Moments” , which might appeal to the more mature members of the school! Those magic moments in time, great memories." Says Charles!!

Well Charles we like to please here at Radio Wyredfarm! Er - was this the kind of thing you were thinking of? It was the 60's but sadly it wasn't quite like this being an all boys school!

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