Sunday, March 2, 2014

James Lovatt - Music and R.E. Teacher - City of Coventry Boarding School

There has been much speculation about the much revered James Lovatt among former CCBS pupils on the Facebook site and a general idea that he retired to the Exeter district. The original M28 (ie the M28 before me - Trev Teasdel who started the school in 1962) sent an email to this site with a photo from the Exeter and District Organists association site. Here is the website that M28 sent -

James Lovatt is 5th from the right with his wife Angela.
Exeter Cathedral, 15 January 2013 From left to right: Eileen Smith, John Nicklin, Roger and Frances Quartly, Jock Smith, Lorna Cowdry, David Oates, Audrey Williams, Peter Johnstone, Keith Wadlan, Matthew Clark, Sandra Wadlan, Mike Pagliero, Cor and Kaye van der Wijngaard, Adrian Pollitt (partly hidden), David Lee, Graeme and Helen Pryor, Andrew Millington, Geoffrey Archer, Mike Lowman,Graham Willson, Michael Andrews, David Davies, Angela Lovatt, Michael Graham,James Lovatt, Anne Pagliero, John Harris, Bob Millington, Diane Walker. The photograph was taken by Malcolm Walker (pictured right).

Other photos on the site that seem to be Mr Lovatt - 

James Lovatt - 3 from right with his wife.

James Lovatt - teacher on the right back in 1966.

James Lovatt was the Housemaster for Blunt and taught music and RE and mentored the Cross Country team - contributed to the varied activities of  the school in many other ways as many of you have remembered.

Comments from Facebook

Paul Nicholas Williamson That is Mr Lovatt, he was always a keen organist went to many churches with him whilst he played the organ.We used to go in his Alvis car which had running boards and then he had a white mini.He would take three or four of us out at a time.

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