Sunday, March 2, 2014

Lionel John Aubrey - At Wyre Farm Camp School 1946 - 49

A while ago we re-posted material from the BBC site The War Years in which Lionel John Aubrey gave an account of life at Wyre Farm Camp School between 1946 and 1949, with an interesting early itinerary showing the times and activities on a typical day. Much remained the same except lights out was much later and a few tweaks here and there. The site is here

Recently Lynne Tiltman - Lionel's daughter got in contact with us and has joined us on Facebook. She has sent a couple of photos, one of which was on the BBC site and she possibly has a register too. Here is the photo and the school report that Lynne has sent -

Further material and links on this site on the War and Post war years.

1. Here is the post on this site

And some other material on war and post war years at the school -

2. Another war years post from the BBC site

3. Material in the Coventry Telegraph - Dennis Whiteley

4. Another article from the Coventry Telegraph

5. Press cuttings from the War Years from the Pioneer Centre archives

6. Memories of the war years by Pat Bryan - former teacher whose parents taught at the school during the war -

Comments from Facebook

Rick medlock is a Coventry drummer who has played in many Coventry bands over the years and says -

Rick Medlock My dad was there during WW11.  Unfortunately my dad died when I was in my early twenties so unable to ask about his time there. I do remember him talking about the bombing raids on Coventry and Birmingham as you could see the sky lit up by the bombing from the school. He said some of the kids would run off back home after seeing that. He also talked about scrummping raids organised by one of the teachers. They would black up and do it like a military raid on a local farm. He believed it was organised with the knowledge of the farmer. Also some children found some incendiary bombs and hid them under there dormitory LOL That is as much information as I have unfortunately. I went there as a child for a school holiday.  From what I remember my dad telling me they got into big trouble over that. I assume they were dud otherwise they would have probably gone off.

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