Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ludlow - Some New Photos from Raymond Bothwell

MrPip Pip (Chris Applebey) Room on the top left is where I proposed to my wife. I visit Ludlow often, but to my disappointment, De Grey's tea rooms were closed. Dan Snow, BBC historian, recently described their cream teas as the world's best, and Keira Knightley and Steven Fry were enthusiastic visitors. I think 90% of Ludlow girls at some time would have put on the black and white uniform and served there. A real loss to the town. I know it is still a foody-mecca with more Michelin starred restaurants than anywhere in the UK outside London, but this was an institution, rather than a more recent yuppy import. There is still a fairly decent tea room around the corner from there, almost opposite the Costa place. Small wooden floored rooms with narrow staircases and proper tea.

Stuart McDonald Thanks for posting, brings back memories. My old man used to take me for lunch there on visiting days which made a decent change from school food!

Rosemary Webb Rehill Love that place. I have a picture of it on a wall here in my family room. We spent the first night of our honey moon there. I remember the crooked floors and low ceilings. Very unique!

Peter Ingram-Tedd You remember things like crooked floors and low ceilings …. on the first night of your honeymoon? Blimey!

MrPip Pip (Chris Applebey) I remember the room well. (Mine not yours!) As the end room and with it leaning out over the street the floors were very uneven. The bed had to be chocked up on one side so that it was level. This meant that standing on one side of the bed it was knee height and on the other at hip height.

Chris Burrows We stayed at The Feathers for our 25th wedding anniversary. It was lovely. On De Greys, it was only yesterday whilst walking around Ludlow that we realised that it had closed - how sad!

Rosemary Webb Rehill Yes I'm so sad to read that! I always had coffee and a cream cake after going to the dentist. Loved De Greys!

if you go in the cafe in the castle this pair are there 

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