Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brian Duynstee

Keith Ison mentioned Brian Duynstee the other day in conversation. I remembered I had a photo of Brian.

It's a great photo of him and shows off his sideburns which he first grew at school and which didn't get removed by Slasher Jack. However, the photo is from Coventry Evening Telegraph and the occasion was a tragic one for Brian and his family. Brian joined the Police force in Coventry with Stuart O'Halloran after leaving school and Brian's sister, only 17, married another PC who was shot while on duty. PC Guthrie was only 21. The photo is from Trinity Church in Coventry circa 1972. The article says "Thousands lined the street from Little Park Street to Broadgate, to pay tribute"

I used to see Brian (who was in Dudley house) on the beat often in Coventry city centre in the early 70's. My father used to give him a lift home from Pool Meadow when we got back from Cleobury.

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  1. I am Brian's Grandson... Do you have any other pictures of him?