Friday, September 9, 2011

Something Fishy in the woodwork!

Gordon Place

Gordon Place more recently awaiting his fish n Chips! 
Photo courtesy of Rosemary Webb-Rehill

David Partridge Gordon made a dining table and six chairs as a wedding present for them both. They were absolutely marvellous. I bet he's still got them. It'll be their 50th soon.

Lauri Lindsay Good to see he is still kicking. Good luck to them both. He was an awesome house master.

Lauri Lindsay On "Ilkie Moor Bar Tat" every time I hear it I think of Mr Place.

Peter Melhuish Great to see him an avid Burnley Supporter

Keith Ison He is looking really well, last time i saw him was just before the school closed down in 1982

David Stuart I haven't seen him since I left school,but it's great to see him now.He was a great teacher had him for TD.

David Allan Finch Wow, Plaice. I remember TD and woodwork with him well.

Michael Breslin Last time I saw him was at Mr Thorn's funeral with Mr Chopping and Mr McCarthy. Why did we cal him Cluuf the Duff?

Michael Breslin ‎...Cluff the Duff?

Paul Nicholas Williamson I wonder if he has the cine film of our trip on the Wyre in 1962 going down the rapids at symonds yat !!!! I bet he has.

Michael Breslin I have to thank him for the TD Instruction as I became a Jig and Tool Design Draftsman for 15 years at the Rolls Royce and finished up in the engine design department before I left. I also frequently use my carpentry skills on my home and metalworking on my Vintage bike collection. Thanks Mr Plaice. P.S. It really was Tony Powell who set off the air raid siren and the whole school had a fire drill in the middle of the night (and not me). He burnt the toast when he "borrowed" the toaster from the Staff Room. I did borrow your bicycle one night though to go and meet Dawn in Stottesdon, hahaha!

Lauri Lindsay I think we called him Cluff because at the time there was a TV cop show on called Cluff. Both had he same accent.

Paul Norman He was always known as 'Fishy" when I was there. One of the more obvious nicknames!

Dyllis place

And the WOODWORK ROOM thanks to Dragan Gajic and Keith Ison who visited the school recently 
- the machines are still working at the school!

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  1. My name is Chris Elkington. I had the honour to be with Gordon during 1958-1962. My e-mail is I was in Dudley House (D58). I played cricket,football, in fact, all the sports.
    I remember i left the school around the time that Gordon and Dylis were married. Good people.