Monday, September 19, 2011

The 'New' Building c 1966 - Photos

In 1966 the Coventry Evening Telegraph visited the school and took a number of photos. If anyone has the press cuttings pleased upload them and let us know.

Paul Norman added this photo to Facebook of the Common Room in the (then) new building c 1966.

This was a picture that appeared in The Coventry Evening Telegraph in 1966. It was the common room in the new school block - the people from left to right are: The table tennis mob - Mick Storer, Spud Taylor, Kev Sadler, Andy Ward. The snooker boys - Phil Stevenson, Paul Norman, Roger Mason.

c1966 in the new Biology lab (later part of the Forest Lodge after the school became the Pioneer Centre) also from Coventry Evening Telegraph
Form teacher was Barry Mathews - in this photo - 
Back row L to R Trev Teasdel, Frankie Fazulo, Tearse. Nigel Underwood, Hudson?
Front Row L to R  Robert Woodward, Charles Joyce, Woolridge, Shepherd, Moore.

Dormitory in the new block c 1976
 1st on left, Nigel Fisher, 4th from left was Nathan Johnson, 5th from left, was Phil Herd also from Lancashire.
Photo via Nigel Rigby

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